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KRNL Executor


  • What is KRNL?
  • KRNL's development
  • Is KRNL safe?

What is KRNL?

KRNL is a roblox executor known for being the first free exploit having the saveinstance() function which made it very popular among the people in the community that didn't want to pay for a executor like Synapse X.

KRNL's development.

KRNL appeared out of nowhere somewhere around 2017-2019 as a free alternative to the Synapse X exploit. It is also said that KRNL stole from synapse's open source repository code to gain from the key generation.

Is KRNL safe?

KRNL, even though it has very nice features has an anti virtual machine code packed inside, it also isn't open sourced which adds to the cons. We rate it 3/5.