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Celery Executor


  • What is Celery
  • Celerys Privacy Polcy
  • Celerys security

What is Celery?

Celery is a Level 8 Roblox Executor. It uses its own, custom written API and its user interface comes in two flavours, which are both open source.

Celery's Privacy Policy

There is no marked privacy policy for Celery, it has an official website and another website called which is maintained by members of the community.

Celery's Security practices

Celery is an executor who has been known to have certain vulnerabilities when executing scripts, "ACE", standing for Arbitrary Code Execution, is the term used in this case, this vulnerabilities have been patched by the developer, but likely more will surface.


Celery is a solid executor. its open sourced but one thing it lacks is functions but they will be added soon. we give Celery a rating of (4.0/5)